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These sorts of things are so much harder to write when you’re not trying to find employment or a date. Anybody reading it will probably have found this page either as a result of being involved with one of my plays – I am very sorry to tell you I am neither particularly successful nor remotely famous, but I’m really happy you’re involved in a production of something I wrote!—or you knew me at some point and you did a google search and you ended up here.

It’s not that interesting. I’m generally well! But it’s not that interesting. I live in Portland. I still write plays from time to time. I had cancer a few years ago and was super dramatic about it and I’m fine now. Probably not completely over it, if that’s one of the things I open with when I think about somebody from my past, or someone I’ve never met possibly discovering my blog, but just be glad it didn’t happen whenever you were in my life, if you once were. THE DRAMA. It would have been insufferable. Influences like needing to go to work and make sure people in my life didn’t disown me kept me sort of sane. Sort of.

I’ll probably talk about that a fair amount here, just because I still think about it a lot, and because being dependent on health insurance that I only have due to ACA is kind of a big deal for me right now, but I’ll also be bringing a lot of levity with gif-filled remembrances of YA books from my childhood and adolescence.

That’s really needed on the internet right now.  There’s just such a void for that sort of thing. This is going to be a really important blog.




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